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2015 Q2 HARE Quarterly Pharma Report

 While no major developments took place during the second quarter of 2015 (and thus indicating a stable environment) market expectations with regard to the relaxation of constraints are yet to be met


HARE Q3 2014 Quarterly Report

 Overall, the third quarter of 2014 is likely to have a tremendous impact on the pharmaceutical market, due to the changes in the regulatory framework. 


2013 Q4 Pharma Quarterly Report

 The fourth quarter of 2013 came as a conclusion (although not necessarily bringing closure) to a year of changes and transformations in healthcare system and pharma industry in particular. At long last, the cash flows burden decreased significantly and thus operationally relieved market players, allowing them to address other issues than those related to funding their daily activities


Pharma Quarterly Report Q4 2012

 Overall, 2012 was a year that is likely to leave a mark on the pharmaceutical industry. Several developments that occurred along the year altered the industry landscape to a larger degree than previous year.


2011 Q4 Pharma Quarterly Report

After a year of significant changes, the end of 2011 set out perspectives as challenging or even more for 2012. Although several other (at the time) significant developments unfolded during the fourth quarter of 2011, their relevance was either diminished or outdone by the those taking place shortly before year-end. 

HARE 2011 Q4 Pharma Quarterly Report details the most important decisions made by authorities during the last quarter of 2011 and gives you a glimpse into possible developments in the months to come.



2010 Q4 Quarterly Report

IMF, Ministry of Health, National Health Insurance House, clawback, increasing arrears, 2011 Budget, expenditure cuts, all of these were key factors in the events and happenings of the last few months, and none of them has a visible long term positive implication for the pharmaceutical industry

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In an unexpected move, just before the end of 2011, ...

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Improving expenditure efficiency has been, for a ver...

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