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Romanian Dialysis Market - Competition over 150 millions EUR

Less known to the public or other market players, dialysis makes an interesting case to study for numerous reasons: organization as PPP (Public-Private Partnership), processes and concentration as well as constraints and opportunities for growth. Yet, aside these, dialysis makes an interesting study due to its success during highly challenging times and in the same time due to the market players struggle for leading position and larger share of dedicated public funds. In fact, the story of dialysis may be considered the story of a slowly and steadily building an almost monopolistic position on a segment which hardly reached half of its potential.  

Is CaNaMed impact spilling beyond Romanian borders?

Each year April 1st reboots the rules of engagement for the Romanian pharm industry, for many reasons, such as the enactment of Framework Agreement or the update of the National Price Catalogue for prescription medication. April 1st brings also an opportunity for analysis and review of the impact on the environment in which pharma players are acting.

Solutions for the private health care sector in sourcing liquidity.

The case study will analyze the solution found by the suppliers and creditors of the public healthcare system in Italy and  provide an assessment on the conditions  under which similar proceedings  could prove to be a viable solution in Romania’s case.

CLAWBACK - Either RO or HU is the lesser of the two "evils"?

Improving expenditure efficiency has been, for a very long time, a much desired objective for public health authorities all over Europe. Measures have been developed to address increase in consumption costs as well as to counteract pressure exerted by private suppliers on the public health systems.
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In an unexpected move, just before the end of 2011, ...

Case Study

Improving expenditure efficiency has been, for a ver...

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